CORe Unit to facilitate an advanced statistics course in 2020.

Complementary to evidence from randomised clinical trials, studies of observational data have become an important source of information that guides clinical practice in various areas of neurology. Dissemination of the knowledge of advanced analytical methods is a key step towards maximising the impact of the existing datasets in neurology. At CORe, we specialise in the application of such methods in analyses of outcomes data in various neurological conditions.

We are developing a workshop that will teach clinical researchers, academic clinicians and biostatisticians new skills necessary to pursue their research projects in neurology. The 2-day workshop – to be held in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, between February 5-7, 2020 – will be delivered by the CORe team and our Australian and international guest tutors. The course will focus on analyses of large-scale clinical data and will include hands-on tutorials on advanced modelling, development of statistical designs and evaluation of complex analytical scenarios. There will be ample opportunities to discuss specific analytical problems. Participants will learn advanced statistical methods such as inferential approaches in the context of multiple confounding, missing data, prediction of individual outcomes and Bayesian methods.

The promotional flyer for this course is shown below.