We presented the below posters at the ECTRIMS Conference 2022.

Poster 1 – Kalincik et al

Comparative effectiveness of autologous haematopoieticstem cell transplantation with immune reconstitution therapies in RRMS

Poster 2 – Sharmin et al

The risk of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis is geographically determined but modifiable

Poster 3 – Moradi et al

Does serum neurofilament light chain level contribute to the prediction of treatment response in multiple sclerosis?



MS Australia

We presented the below posters at the MS Australia
Progress in MS Research Scientific Conference 2022.

Poster 1 – Roos et al

Disease reactivation after cessation of disease-modifying therapy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Poster 2 – Roos et al

Effects of high- and low- efficacy therapy in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Poster 3 – Roberts et al

Lessons learned in the first two years of a specialist multiple sclerosis cognitive clinic

Poster 4 – Diouf et al

Comparisons of multiple disease modifying therapies in multiple sclerosis with marginal structural models

Poster 5 – Diouf et al

Variability of the response to immunotherapy among sub-groups of patients with multiple sclerosis

Poster 6 – Moradi et al

MS Cohorts and Treatment Utilization in the Middle East

Poster 7 – Sharmin et al

Confirmed disability progression as a marker of permanent disability in multiple sclerosis



We presented the below posters at ECTRIMS Congress 2021.