Award wins and well-received presentations highlighted the CORe Unit’s attendance at ANZAN 2019

Between May 21 and 24, 2019, CORe Unit Group Leader, A/Prof. Tomas Kalincik, and Ph.D. candidate, Dr Izanne Roos, travelled to Sydney, Australia, for the Australia and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) Meeting.  Held annually, ANZAN is the largest meeting of neurologists from across both countries, who gather to present and discuss the latest developments in neuroscience research and treatments.

This year, ANZAN took the opportunity to recognise the fantastic work led by A/Prof Kalincik, presenting him with the Leonard Cox Award acknowledging the significant contribution he has made to the field of neuroscience in the early stages of his career.  In receiving the award, A/Prof Kalincik presented on the topic, “Multiple Sclerosis: Navigating Treatment Options“,  which was recorded and will be available to view on this page in the near future.

In addition to the above presentation, A/Prof Kalincik also participated in the session, “Controversies in Neurology“, where he debated international guest speaker, Prof. Jan Hillert (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) on the statement, “High expense high potency MS therapy should be used first-line in patients with MS“.   Again, a recording of this debate will be shortly available for viewing on this page.

Post-debate, both A/Prof. Kalincik and Prof. Hillert sat down for a much more informal conversation regarding some of the “hot topics” in multiple sclerosis research at the present time.

Dr Izanne Roos was invited to the ANZAN Meeting to present during one of the Young Investigator Sessions.  Her presentation, titled “Therapeutic Lag in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis”, was based on the Ph.D. research she’s is undertaking during her time with the CORe Unit.  Following her talk, Dr Roos provided a high level overview of this work, which will be available soon.

The contributions to the meeting made by A/Prof Kalincik and Dr Roos were very well received and are a fantastic reflection of the high quality, value-adding research being pursued by the CORe Unit.